CLRS & co Identity

Simplicity was key and inspiration such as Viking Runes and the historic evolution of the trademark were researched.

The visual identity was completely monochromatic and substrates in various tones and textures, embossing and ink stamps were used to give it a personal yet subtle context.



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Butcher Boys, a traditional South African butchery located in the heart of the Highveld, comprising of twin brothers who have perfected the skills of their profession. The resulting corporate identity was designed to compliment an ethos of simple perfection. 

A wide spectrum of stickers were created to aid product specifications and offerings while the logo was inspired by an American Schwinn bicycle on display in a store that is truly a space of pride for meat lovers.



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In collaboration with TDC Interiors.
Our graphic research fast immersed us in a substantial and beautiful graphic library in the archives of this 120-year-old, family-owned, Namibian departmental store. We translated the strong Germanic elements and influences of calligraphy into a contemporary yet classic relevance with all logo elements validated by the rich heritage of the company.

The owner still sends handwritten letters and we were touched to be able to apply his new logo design to his personal stationery. The spatial identity designed for the Kaffee Bar included historic details right down to the names of salads in the menu. The history of the store was brought to life even further in detailed departmental illustrations. Soon we were so versed in the history of the store and had such a good relationship with the delightful Adriane Jandrell née Voigts that we proposed something that came to be known as a wooden tapestry. Crafted for behind the point of sale, it passes on memorable stories of the family, the store and the country to a modern audience.



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