Bacon’s glorious mess

Bacon’s studio - 7 Reece Mews

+ I need the city; I need to know there are people around me strolling, arguing, f**king—living, and yet I go out very rarely; I stay here in my cage.
— Francis Bacon

I am not a tidy 'in apple-pie order' kind of person.

On the contrary I like spontaneous, random clutter. Especially when they gather over time and then collage itself  into new meaning. Botanicals can turn into new  matter and change shape and form.  I am not talking about being unhygienic but rather to create your immediate space to be fluid and take its own course... so that you in return be surprised by some of its direct mingled outcome.

I remember often seeing images of Francis Bacon's messy studio and secretly liking it. Sort of giving him a nod-nod wink-wink, coming deep from my insides. Sort of secretly feeling connected to his mess. And ways around his studio.


'Now my studio is neat because I live in a studio apartment, where everything is in 'one'. But back in my Cape Town studio I used to 'live' downstairs in my own cocoon-cobweb of stuff for days... destroyed collage books, cuttings, pieces of random substrates, sometimes even a few branches and once a tree. It made me happy to have excess and mass, dust and deconstructive proof around me. Besides who can find the self  in a cold clinical ordered world?